Community of Faith Bible Church seeks to teach our members the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, how to walk in the fundamental disciplines of the Christian faith, the fundamental duties of the Christian faith, and how to live according to their demographic in the Christian faith. Every member is required to get involved in the process of spiritual maturity by participating in the essential discipleship track of Community of Faith Bible Church. Every member is required to start the journey of spiritual maturity by taking our Coming to Know and Walk with God Course. We expect every member to participate in our discipleship program on Sundays and Wednesdays (when scheduled) unless there is some legitimate reason why they cannot participate.

Discipleship Track for Spiritual Development and Maturity

 Discovering the Fundamentals of Your Walk with God Track

  • Coming to Know and Walk With God by Nicolas Ellen
  • Understanding and Developing A Biblical View of Life by Nicolas Ellen
  • Pursuing Godliness Through the Disciplines of the Christian Faith by Nicolas Ellen
  • Step by Step Through The Old Testament by Waylon Bailey & Tom Hudson
  • Step by Step Through the New Testament by Thomas Lea & Tom Hudson
  • What A Way to Live The Kingdom Agenda by Tony Evens
  • Decision Making in the Will of God by Gary Friesen
  • Discovering Your God Given Gifts (Assimilation Material)
  • Biblical Understanding of the Human Race (Nicolas Ellen, Joe Parle, Phil Sinnetere
  • Church History
  • Grasping God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall/J. Daniel Hays (How to study the Bible curriculum)
  • Apologetics

Deepening your Walk with God Track

  • Basic Theology by Charles Ryie (The Doctrine of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Bible)
  • Basic Theology by Charles Ryie (The Doctrine of Man, Sin, Salvation, Church)
  • Basic Theology by Charles Ryie (The Angels, Demons, Last Things)
  • Created for God’s Glory by Jim Berg
  • Changed into His Image by Jim Berg

Dealing with Your Relationship With Others Track

  • Relationships a Mess Worth Making by Paul Tripp
  • Instruments In a Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp
  • Peacemaker by Ken Sande
  • Love the Answer by Rich Thomson

Denouncing the Works of the Flesh

  • With All Your Heart: Identifying and Dealing With Idolatrous Lust by Nicolas Ellen
  • Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen, Kelly M. Kapic, Justin Taylor, John Piper
  • The Purifying Power of Living by Faith in Future Grace by John Piper

Devotion to Character Development and Biblical Hope

  • A Quest For More by Paul Tripp
  • Lord Change My Attitude (Workbook) by James MacDonald
  • Forever by Paul Tripp
  • Self-Confrontation Manual by John C. Broger
  • Essential Virtues: Marks of the Christ-Centered Life by Jim Berg

Disciplines of Ministry and Leadership Training

  • Elder Training Program
  • Pastoral Leadership Training Program
  • Deacon Training Program
  • Director of Ministry Training Program
  • Team Leader Training Program
  • Small Group Leader Training Program
  • Teacher Training Program
  • Biblical Counseling Training Program
  • Missions Training Program
  • Evangelism/Apologetics Training Program
  • Church Planting Training Program
  • Pre-Marital Discipleship Training Program
  • Apartment Ministry Training Program

Demographic Small Group Classes

Men’s Class

Women’s Class

Marriage Class

Youth Class

Middle School Class

Children’s Class

Nursery Class


The Essential Preaching  by Senior Pastor  

Sermons Series for Spiritual Growth of The Church

(12 Weeks per Series/ 2 per Year)


  1. Quieting a Noisy Soul
  2. Virtues of The Christian Faith (2Peter 1:1-10)
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Spiritual Warfare
  5. Developing a Godly Mind
  6. The Christ-Driven Church
  7. The Fruit of The Spirit
  8. Developing a Christ-Centered Life
  9. Developing Christ-Centered Relationships
  10. Biblical View of Money
  11. Self-Esteem, Self Image, Self Love
  12. Idolatrous-Lust
  13. Developing Effective Communication
  14. Embracing God
  15. How to Deal with the Past
  16. Biblical Definition of a Man
  17. Biblical Definition of a Woman
  18. Heart Issues
  19. The Beatitudes
  20. Living By Purpose
  21. Seven Deadly Sins
  22. Decisions Making
  23. The Vision of Church
  24. The Prodigal Son
  25. Understanding Grace
  26. The Purpose of Trials
  27. Understanding and Dealing with the Flesh
  28. How to Worship in Spirit and Truth
  29. How to Develop a Blessed Home
  30. Biblical View of Hope
  31. How to Be Content
  32. Understanding Forgiveness
  33. Dealing With Anger
  34. Dealing With Fear and Worry
  35. The Ten Commandments
  36. A Biblical View of Human Needs
  37. Unbreakable Laws of Life
  38. The Power of Prayer
  39. The Reality of Heaven
  40. The Reality of Hell
  41. The Biblical Process of Change
  42. 42 The Servant Principle
  43. Learning and Living The One Another’s of the Bible
  44. Understanding and Dealing with Worldliness
  45. How to Handle Disappointment
  46. When People are Big and God is Small
  47. Biblical View of Illness and Medication
  48. Understanding and Living out our Christian Liberties
  49. How to Handle Criticism
  50. How to Handling Difficult People
  51. Deception Letting Go of Lying
  52. Biblical View of Friendship
  53. How to Discern and Deal with Manipulation
  54. 54.When Bad Things Happen Thoughtful Answers to Hard Questions
  55. How to Conquer Selfishness
  56. The Power of Love
  57. Understanding and Dealing with Temptations
  58. Understanding Spiritual Authority
  59. What is Holiness and How Do We Pursue It?
  60. When Christianity Doesn’t Work?

The Books of the Bible To Teach in Sermon Series                                                                       12 Weeks per book/ 1 book per year


  1. Romans
  2. 1 Corinthians
  3. Galatians
  4. Ephesians
  5. Philippians
  6. Colossians
  7. 1 Thessalonians
  8. 1 Timothy
  9. 2 Timothy
  10. Titus
  11. Hebrews
  12. James
  13. 1 Peter
  14. 2 Peter
  15. 1John
  16. Jude
  17. Revelation
  18. Ecclesiastes
  19. Jonah
  20. Nehemiah
  21. 2 Corinthians
  22. Jude
  23. 2John
  24. John
  25. Matthew
  26. Ruth
  27. Judges
  28. Esther
  29. Numbers
  30. Genesis
  31. Malachi
  32. Jeremiah
  33. Hosea
  34. Ezra
  35. Proverbs
  36. Job
  37. Amos
  38. Daniel
  39. 2Thessalonians
  40. 1Sammuel
  41. 2Sammuel