Dr. Nicolas Ellen, Senior Pastor Maturity, Counseling, Evangelism      [email protected]

Shelita Anders
Assistant Director, Children’s Ministry
[email protected]

La-Sean Caselberry
Coordinator, Men’s, Assimilation, Evangelism and Hospitality Ministries
[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]

Shawn Caselberry
Executive Ministry Assistant to Pastor and First Lady Ellen
[email protected]

Dr. Venessa EllenFirst Lady
Church Administrator
Director, Women’s Ministry
[email protected]

Marcus Fagan
Coordinator, Middle School
[email protected]

Jennifer McCoughan
Church Secretary
[email protected]

Michael Plummer
Coordinator, High School
Assistant Coordinator, Men’s Ministry
[email protected].org
[email protected]

Lindsey Weatherford
Director, Children’s Ministry
[email protected]